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Through Movement We Find Health.

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Nia is a holistic barefoot movement form that combines dance arts, healing arts and martial arts. Nia puts JOY back into fitness and is suitable for all ages, levels of fitness and skill levels. The Nia practice teaches you how to listen to your body's inherent wisdom. Connect your body, mind, emotions and spirit through music, movement and imagery. Join us and smile while you sweat. Nia is adaptable for any level and can even be done from a chair.

**Please e-mail Andrea to get started with your first class and you will receive the Zoom class code and/or OUTDOOR location details**

July/August 2021 Gentle Nia and Nia Moving to Heal

The schedule will be updated each week. There will be some flexibility with Zoom and Outdoor classes through August. 

Tuesday July 27th ZOOM 10:30 am PST

Thursday July 29th OUTDOOR 10:00 am PST

Saturday July 31st ZOOM 9:30 am PST

Tuesday August 3rd ZOOM 10:30 am PST

Friday August 6th ZOOM 9:30 am PST

Saturday August 7th OUTDOOR 10:00 am PST

*Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class starts*

$5-$12 Sliding Scale

5 Class Punch Card $55 (expires in 2 months)

10 Class Punch Card $100 (expires in 3 months)

-OR- let Andrea know what is sustainable at this time. 

Cash, Check or PayPal NiaWithAndrea@hotmail.com

Nia and Creative Movement for children (ages 5-10) : 

*Summer camps and kid classes with Andrea will resume soon. Do you have a special request for a summer activity? Please remember all activities will be outdoors and everyone must wear a mask. More to come!

Nia with Betsy

Betsy is now offering online classes via Zoom @ Defined Motion, where she first stepped into the practice of Nia back in 2009. Move and be moved. Fridays 7:30 am PST and Sundays 8 am PST. Tis’ the season for honoring the sacred spaces within while focusing on health and peace for yourself and the collective. For more info and to register see below.


“Your body cannot heal without play. Your mind cannot heal without laughter. Your soul cannot heal without joy.”


“Your body cannot heal without play. Your mind cannot heal without laughter. Your soul cannot heal without joy.”

~ Catherine Fenwick

Regardless of age, gender, or physical ability, Nia has something wonderful in store for you! Nia has been practiced internationally since the 1980s and is incorporated into fitness and health programs, including college drama departments, prisons, drug and cardiac rehabilitation centers. It has been used as a psycho-social program for treating eating disorders, mental illness, survivors of sexual and physical abuse, and those with autism, Down syndrome and chronic illnesses. Yet, Nia is not well-known.
Nia is an expressive movement practice that utilizes your entire being to attain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Nia is to exercise what holistic medicine is to healthcare. An acronym for Neuromuscular Integrative Action, Nia is based on the belief that there is a dancer, martial artist, and highly aware person within each of us. It is a fusion of the martial arts, the healing arts, and the dance arts. Perhaps most importantly, Nia is fun!
Nia, which combines Eastern and Western philosophies, is practiced in bare feet and comfortable clothing, with a diverse range of accompanying music. Unlike traditional exercise, it is based on the pleasure principle, i.e., the practice feels good. There is no pain involved. Easily modified to chair-Nia, every movement involves relaxation and offers three levels of intensity and range of motion. Guided imagery enhances the practice with creativity and imagination.
Nia and the martial arts
The martial arts are a cornerstone of Nia, providing cardiovascular benefits without impact. Moves inspired by Tai Chiemphasize focus, balance, relaxation, and sensory awareness – like dancing in water. Coordinating arm, eye, and hand motion creates graceful movement, without strain. The Nia Tae Kwon Do experience is about power, precision, and energy. Blocks, punches, thrusts, kicks, and the use of sound promote strength, stability, and coordination. Nia moves inspired by Aikido promote harmony, consciously directed energy, and interconnectedness.
Nia and the dance arts
The Nia Jazz experience is about fun, showmanship, self-expression, and flexibility. Dance moves like the cha cha, the shimmy, isolations, and hip bumps are fun and sensual. Moves inspired by Duncan Dance are free-spirited, playful, and uninhibited. Through the dance arts, we learn to externalize emotion by expressing it physically. Once externalized, we can choose to examine it, embrace it, or surrender it. Modern Dance infuses play, silliness, drama and emotion into the Nia dance, while directional changes promote vestibular health and mind-body communication.
Nia and the healing arts
Nia moves inspired by yoga create opening of the body, clearing of the mind, and releasing of tension. Gentle stretching creates awareness of alignment and the breath. Moves inspired by Moshe Feldenkrais are performed both slowly and quickly. Awareness and sensation offer a gateway to positive change within the body. Focus is on breath, voice, circulation, the five senses, rhythm, and emotions stuck in the body. A Nia Alexander Technique experience offers the power to change the way you move and hold your body by redirecting the use of the head in relationship to the neck and torso.
The benefits
The many benefits of Nia spill over into your daily life, helping you feel more comfortable in your own body, more accepting of it, more graceful and free. Nia alleviates anxiety and stress, producing a sense of calm energy. Weight loss, increased strength, and relief from pain are common. Nia alleviates depression and helps you reclaim your sense of joy. It helps you awaken your sexuality, and improve your health and circulation. Nia has helped many people to survive grief and loss, and to develop friendships, assertiveness, and self-esteem. Nia is a magical, healing dance.
It’s a new year, a new beginning. Give yourself the gift of Nia.
The Nia Technique
By Debbie and Carlos Rosas, Broadway Books of Random House
A comprehensive Nia website, including a worldwide class finder.
Stressed? S-t-o-p!
S ~ soften your face
T ~ take a deep breath
O ~ open your heart
P ~ pull down your shoulders


Your Instructors


Andrea Mikita

Brown Belt Nia and Moving to Heal

Andrea had her first Nia experience in March of 2017. She was moved to tears as she reconnected with her body and felt right at home. After years of playing extremely physical sports like soccer and roller derby, Nia helped bring her back into her body spiritually and emotionally. Finding JOY in movement without pain. From the first class, Andrea knew she wanted to teach Nia; it felt natural. She took her White Belt in October of 2017, Moving to Heal in March 2018, Green Belt in November 2018 and Blue Belt October 2019. She continues to experience the benefits of Nia throughout all aspects of her life. Andrea was a high school teacher for 13 years and finds more balance with her family as a now substitute teacher and volunteer leading Nia PE classes. When not practicing or teaching Nia, you can find her exploring the outdoors with her two kids and husband or slowly remodeling their sweet old home in Olympia.


Sandra Caldwell

Black Belt

Sandra is a Nia@ Black Belt Instructor. It was love at first sight with her first encounter with Nia in 2009. Sandra began teaching in March 2010. She brings the joy of movement to each class and enjoys teaching to all backgrounds and fitness levels.

*Sandra is NOT currently teaching via Olympia Nia


Betsy Winter

Black Belt Nia and Moving to Heal

Betsy discovered Nia in 2009 and has been cultivating her relationship with it steadfastly ever since. Through Nia, she discovered exhilaration in her body and a pure sense of joy unparalleled to any other sensation. Even as a climber, downhill skier, and trail runner she feels the most pleasure in her body while doing Nia.  

Beyond the physical sensation of joy, Nia helped transform Betsy’s mental & emotional health, offering space for Betsy to navigate the darkest moments of her life when losing her daughter. Through Nia, Betsy was able to fully embody the light and dark, the joy and heartache.  

Betsy is dedicated to sharing the gifts of Nia with others. She is a licensed Nia Brown Belt and Moving to Heal instructor. She is eager to cultivate and grow the Nia community of Olympia and surrounding area and looks forward to spreading the joy and sharing her authentic dance with you soon. Betsy is also a perinatal death and bereavement advocate who offers movement-centered healing, sacred ritual and community to support to those impacted by trauma and loss during any stage of pregnancy and birth.

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